Tummy Tuck

Abdomen Lifting surgery is an operation that helps genetically resolve possible aesthetic problems in the abdomen or those that occur as a result of pregnancy and weight gain/ loss.

Tummy Tuck




Tummy Tuck

Abdomen Lifting surgery is an operation that helps genetically resolve possible aesthetic problems in the abdomen or those that occur as a result of pregnancy and weight gain/ loss.

What is Abdomen Lifting?

The abdominal region, which has a structure that helps to protect most of our internal organs, is one of the areas where regional fat is observed. The enlarged fat layer often becomes unresponsive to sports, diet, and exercise. In addition, skin problems due to collagen breakage, which is called a crack in the skin structure and causes an aesthetic appearance, also constitute a regional problem. Deformation in the abdominal muscles, often observed after high-weight babies also cause this region to sag.

Which regions do abdomen lifting cover?

The surgery area of the abdomen lifting operation is the area from the bottom of the last rib bone to the mons pubis. Mons pubis is a raised hairy area on the underside of the cesarean section, which is also referred to as the Venus hill. The problem of excessive fat in the abdominal area is among the issues that men also suffer from. Especially in the case of carbohydrate-consuming high-value nutrients, we can say that the abdominal area fattens more. Although fatness tries to be avoided with strict diet lists, it is not possible to get rid of this skin structure and also to get rid of it completely, and this causes Abdomen Lifting operations. Even if the individuals lose weight, they can obtain successful results only from abdominal lifting operations in order to get rid of extended and sagged skin texture.

Individuals suffering from both psychological and health problems due to the fact that their physical movements, such as bending forward due to this tissue sagging, and in some cases due to the formation of bacteria due to sweating.

Who can have Abdomen Lifting surgery?

  • Those who have fat in the abdominal area
  • Those who have cracks and skin deformations in the skin of the abdomen
  • Those who have damages in interior abdomen
  • Those who suffer from excessive skin and loss of form
  • Those who wish to get rid of this non-aesthetic image

If you have such a profile, you might consider having an abdomen lifting operation. Abdomen Lifting operations carried out within the Our Health Group are among the aesthetic surgical practices we receive extremely well and provide an extremely comfortable life to the individual

Where should the stitch mark be?

The abdomen lifting surgery incision trace that should remain inside the bikini line will help to camouflage the patient with maximum aesthetics in future life. It should be as low as possible and aligned into the cesarean section.

Waist curve

For the waist region, which is unable to adapt to the newly created tense abdominal region, a new shaping is required. Fat accumulation in the waist region should also be eliminated.

Advantages of abdomen lifting operations

  • In our clinics, individual abdomen lifting aesthetic solutions are offered in a way personalized according to each individual.
  • Removing the abdomen fats that cannot be removed by sports and diet
  • Deformed and cracked skin is removed and a new skin structure is formed
  • Inner abdomen is strengthened, the existing bow is removed
  • Stitch mark is camouflaged into the underwear
  • A stretched and shaped abdomen structure is generated
  • A correctly positioned navel and laceration mark
  • Proportioned waist area with the new abdomen
  • Perfectly aesthetic body

After Abdomen Lifting surgery

All of the problems mentioned above can be overcome with Abdomen Lifting surgery. Abdomen Lifting operations, through which you can have a tense, smooth skin texture, offer the patient a very comfortable recovery process with the advantages of today’s advanced technology. You can return to your social life within an average of 1 week and you can live your life with your aesthetic body that has been renewed.

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