Post-Bariatric Procedures

How long does Liposuction last? The duration of the liposculpture operation varies according to the region of application. For larger areas such as the back or stomach, the application usually takes longer than the treatment made for smaller areas. However, in general, we can say that the application takes between one and four hours.

Post-Bariatric Procedures




Post-Bariatric Procedures

How long does Liposuction last? The duration of the liposculpture operation varies according to the region of application. For larger areas such as the back or stomach, the application usually takes longer than the treatment made for smaller areas. However, in general, we can say that the application takes between one and four hours.

Liposculpture after obesity surgery

This procedure is the intervention to remaining fat tissues to create more beautiful contours from an aesthetic point of view. In particular, contouring is made to hips, thighs, and abdominal region, allowing you to have a thinner waist, a more curved line, and even an abdominal area with a muscular display.

Can poor outcomes from previous Liposculpture treatment be corrected?

This depends on the case. In general, it can be corrected. But we always want to remind you that at first, you have to choose a good surgeon.

Can Liposculpture Treat Obesity?

No. A good candidate for liposculpture should be close to the ideal weight or be at an ideal weight. This is not a weight-loss procedure. It is applied after weight loss in order to have a better contour line. Liposculpture is designed to remove fat deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise. During this treatment, a maximum of 5-6 liters of fat can be removed. Excessive fat deposit may cause fluid instability and severe complications.

Why should we wear compacting garments or corsets after treatment?

After the liposculpture procedure, we want you to wear a compacting garment or corset in the treatment area. This garment will reduce post-operative bleeding, reduce your discomfort, and speed up your recovery. Such practices will help anesthesia fluid to leave your body more quickly.

How long do I have to wear the corset?

It depends on your personal situation and your doctor’s decision. In some cases, you may need to wear it for up to six weeks.

Are the results of the liposculpture permanent?

The answer to this question is unfortunately not because Liposculpture permanently removes fat cells, but does not prevent future weight gain. If you gain weight in the future, fat cells are likely to accumulate in a different area.

Does Liposculpture leave marks?

Yes, the liposculpture will leave a scar, but it will be a very small one. In addition, your doctor will do this by concealing your body’s natural lines. Most of our patients do not find these marks on their bodies after a while and therefore do not feel any discomfort.

Can I smoke after Liposculpture?

Smoking inhibits the oxygen flow of the body, which prolongs the healing process. In some cases, it can cause serious complications. Please try to quit smoking during this period.

When can I return to my job?

The duration of recovery varies for each patient, but in general, you can return to work two to four days after your liposculpture treatment. The exact duration will depend on the region you had treatment and the natural recovery process of your body. If you have a desk job, it is possible to return in a shorter period.

Should I choose stretching operations or liposculpture operations?

The only way to determine the most appropriate procedure for you is the examination of our experienced aesthetic surgeons. We can explain this distinction as follows. If you have loose, sagging skin, stretching surgery will be appropriate if your muscles are weakened. However, if you have healthy skin that sticks to the natural contours of your body, then probably the only way to determine the most appropriate procedure for you will be examined.

Abdominoplasty after Obesity surgery

Abdomen Lifting not only removes excess, sagging, cracked skin, it also repairs the abdominal muscles from the inside. It is made on the line of caesarian. The length of the incision differs according to the amount of excessive skin. The muscles of the abdomen undergoing deformation together with the weight gain are tightened again. It creates a new navel, a tense body line, a thinner waist, and a belly. The skin problems caused by the sagging and excess skin are removed as it is.

Will gain of weight affect my abdominal stretching results?

An abdomen lifting operation may give you a firmer, more flat belly, but it does not mean that you will lose weight in the future when you gain any. Unfortunately, if you gain weight after surgery, even if your weight is more evenly distributed in your body, your abdomen will also have fat and this will likely affect your weight gain pattern. To prevent this, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

Can I become pregnant after Abdomen Lifting?

Yes. If you are planning to conceive, we may suggest that you delay the abdomen lifting operation, because pregnancy may again disrupt your skin and muscles and neutralize the results you get after Abdomen Lifting. If you are pregnant, a previous abdominal Lifting operation will not affect your baby’s health and will not make your birth more difficult.

Am I too old or too young for Abdomen Lifting?

There is no age limit for Abdominoplasty. Anyone can have this operation after the age of 18. If you are old enough, your doctor will give tell you the exact result by conducting a high-level, detailed medical examination in advance.

Is it covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, abdominoplasty is not covered by private or state insurance.

Can I become wear bikinis after Abdomen Lifting?

Most obesity surgeons have witnessed that the greatest wish of the patients after losing weight is to wear bikinis, and especially that the abdominal lifting operation is preferred to wear bikinis. The mark of your abdomen lifting operation is likely to remain beneath the underwear line. Also, you will have a smoother, more contoured body that will make you feel better at the pool or on the beach.

Will I wear a corset?

Yes, because a corset will help you. First, it will reduce your discomfort while moving your abdomen and repositioned abdominal muscles. At the same time, it prevents your muscles from dislocating. Also, the garment corset helps to keep the newly established contour in form.

How long do I have to wear the corset?

This will depend entirely on your needs and your doctor’s recommendation. Some patients may stop wearing it after two weeks, while others should use it for up to eight weeks following surgery.

How long after the obesity surgeon can I have an Abdomen Lifting surgery?

We recommend you to have an abdomen lifting after you have reached the ideal weight and maintained it for at least 2 months. However, in some cases, the operation can be performed before the weight loss process is completed in cases of excessive sagging of the abdomen.

Can I get a tattoo done of my abdominal lifting incision?

Yes. Some male and female patients cover their scars with a tattoo. But you can be sure that the scars will fade away after a while and will not bother you.

I want to have Abdominoplasty, but I am not sure. How can I learn whether it is suitable for me or not?

Take an appointment with us. We can examine your goals, your health, your body shape, your deformation in your stomach, and whether you are mentally ready for it or not. Only your doctor can decide on this.

There are extreme cracks in my stomach, will they be gone with Abdominoplasty?

Yes, they will. You will also be free from all the cracks in the skin.

Brachioplasty after Obesity Surgery

Brachioplasty is made by forming an incision in the lower part of the upper arm. Excess skin is removed to create a firmer, non-swinging, and aesthetic appearance.

How can I minimize the scar after Brachioplasty?

Your doctor will make incisions carefully in the area we call blind spot to hide the scar as much as possible. However, there are some things you can do to further reduce the appearance of scars:

Healthy nutrition with plenty of vitamins and fat-free protein

Drinking adequate water during recovery

Avoiding direct sunlight on the incision region

To quit smoking

Massages and creams your doctor will suggest

Laser therapy will also lighten scars after they are fully healed

Should I not have Brachioplasty if I plan more weight loss in the future?

In fact, we can say that we need to expect the same things in Brachioplasty as in other surgeries, as much as the pelvis and the other operations until it is fixed. But we can say that if the sagging on your arm is bad for your health and psychological discomfort, it is beneficial to consult your doctor.

How long will it take for my results? Is Brachioplasty permanent?

You have steadily lost weight, you are at your ideal weight and you had Brachioplasty to get rid of the sagging. Then you have done your exercises according to your doctor’s suggestions, and let us assume say you did not gain weight again, so it is possible to say that the results of your Brachioplasty are permanent. But please remember that we cannot stop the aging process or this operation cannot prevent you from losing the flexibility of your skin. You will never have sagging skin like before, but a change due to aging can be observed at older ages.

Should I have Brachioplasty or should I do arm beautification with the Spider Net?

Spider web aesthetics will provide you with good results for an arm region that has excessively sagging and excess skin. Your doctor should decide on this and tell you about the required procedure.

When can I return to work?

You can return to work after an average of 4-5 days, but this also depends on the person and your health and of course the work you do.

Leg aesthetics after Obesity Surgery

It has the same logic as Brachioplasty. After significant weight loss, the excess sagging skin part is removed and the smooth leg shape is obtained with the incision opening to the inside to prevent deformation in the legs. In addition, the excessive skin falling over the knee cap can also be corrected with this surgery.

What are the alternatives for leg aesthetics?

As with other body reshaping procedures performed after bariatric surgery, leg aesthetics removes the excess skin and helps to reform the sagging parts as they are. If your primary concern is fat deposit rather than sagging skin, liposculpture can also be performed.

Can I combine leg lift operation with other surgical procedures?

Yes. Leg aesthetic is generally a part of the body reshaping surgery of patients who lost weight and liposculpture is performed before starting this procedure. Abdominal lift (abdominoplasty) can be applied simultaneously. Your doctor will decide with which procedure it can be combined. At this stage, planning is performed by considering your comfort.

Is leg lift a temporary application?

No. If you pay attention to your diet and avoid a weight loss-gain routine, you will have a look that will be with you for the rest of your life. However, please do not forget about the damages caused by aging and exposure to sunlight. Your aesthetic surgeon will inform you in detail about how you can maintain the results.

How long is leg lift operation?

Generally, leg aesthetic procedures last two to three hours, however, you will be under general anesthesia during that period and you will not remember.

How much should I weigh in order to be eligible for leg aesthetic?

As with other post-weight loss body reshaping operations, it is important that you are down to your ideal weight and you should have maintained that weight because this procedure mainly targets skin and soft tissues.

Can I sit and walk after the surgery?

Our aesthetic surgeons will encourage you to take short walks right after the leg aesthetic surgery because this is crucial for your circulatory system to keep functioning and to reduce oedema. And you can sit in the most comfortable position without damaging the sutures.

Butt aesthetic after bariatric surgery

The gluteal region is one of the most areas requiring reshaping after weight loss. This is achieved by transferring fat tissues collected from a different part of the body to the butt region.  Therefore, you can get rid of fat deposition in another region and have sharp, tight, and rounded hips.

Is there a certain weight threshold in order to have a Brazilian butt aesthetic (gluteal aesthetic) procedure?

This procedure can be performed as long as you have the required fat ratio. If you don’t have any fat, filling applications can be considered.

From which parts of my body can fat be collected for butt aesthetic?

Fat can be collected from the leg, abdomen, and even waist area and injected into your butt.

Can I use the fatty tissues of another person for fat transfer?

No. the Brazilian Butt aesthetic is performed only by using the own fat tissue of the patient. If we transfer the fatty tissues of another person, your body will react to these tissues as foreign bodies and will not absorb them.

How long would it take to see the results? How long does it last?

Brazilian butt aesthetic may require a few months to get balanced; during this period, especially if you apply any pressure to your hip area in the first few weeks after the surgery, some of the transferred fat cells may be re-absorbed and degraded. After full recovery, your results will maintain for many years provided that you avoid significant weight fluctuations and sustain a healthy lifestyle. We would like to mention that fat transfer rich in stem cells applied by Our surgeons provide permanence.

When can I return to my job?

We recommend you to lay on your side for one week to ten days and you may get back to work approximately one week after the procedure.

Breast aesthetic after bariatric surgery

As breasts mainly consist of fatty tissues, their appearances are significantly affected by weight loss. Breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries are two body contouring procedures that recover natural breast volume and lifts the breasts up to the level where they should be after the weight loss.

What is “natural” breast augmentation? And can I undergo this procedure after bariatric surgery?

The “natural” breast augmentation achieved with fat transfer involves the removal of adipose tissues from different parts of the body and transferring them to the breast. Fatty tissue is removed from the hips, thigh, or other parts of the body. Then, removed fatty tissues are prepared to be injected to the breast in order to create more volume. However, this procedure is applied to non-sagging breasts. It is not suitable for breasts that are significantly affected by the post-bariatric surgery weight loss process. Extremely natural breasts can be obtained by implants and lifting operations.

How long can I use the breast implants?

Before breast augmentation, it is important to know that implants are not permanent products and that breasts may become sagging again due to aging. In short, modification or re-lifting may be necessary with aging. Yes, there are cases where implants last twenty or more years and still remain in perfect shape. However, the aging process must be added to this.

Will the breast augmentation procedure improves the appearance of sagging breasts?

Breast implants will not correct the breasts that started to lose their natural elasticity. Especially after bariatric surgery, it is not possible to lift the sagging breast by only using implants. However, many women who want to change the size and look of their breasts and had undergone bariatric surgery combine the breast lift surgery, where breasts and nipples are brought to a younger position, with breast augmentation using breast implants.

What can I do if I am not happy with the look of my breasts after breast augmentation?

Of course, revision can be performed for breast implants. A secondary breast aesthetics can be conducted.

Back aesthetic after bariatric surgery

As with other surgeries we performed after weight loss, the back aesthetic is also a procedure that allows the removal of the sagging skin. The incision is generally performed along the bra line and disguised.

Can I have back aesthetic, known as Bra-Line surgery, together with other surgical aesthetic procedures?

Yes, you have back aesthetic surgery together with other aesthetic surgeries. In general, aesthetic surgical procedures can be combined by considering the general health and age of the patient and the risks of the said applications.

What exactly is performed in the back aesthetic?

This procedure is the removal of the sagging skin after weight loss.

Can I get rid of this appearance with liposculpture as well?

Back aesthetic surgery performed after weight loss mainly corrects loose and sagging skin portions and bulging skin along the bra line instead of fat, however, Liposuction is used to absorb subcutaneous fat and it is not helpful for sagging skin.

How about the scars in the back aesthetic?

Incision scars are permanent, however, they become indistinct over time.  These incisions are opened along the bra line, therefore, they remain under the bra.

How long would it take for me to see the results after the surgery?

Final results are always exclusive to the patient, however, you will generally see the final results within six months.

Is there an alternative to the back aesthetic?

Unfortunately, there are no alternatives since the problem is sagging skin. Excess skin must be removed surgically for an aesthetic appearance.

Face aesthetic after bariatric surgery

We observe significant deformations in the face region especially in individuals who lose significant weight after a certain age (35 or more). Nasolabial shade line becoming evident, the disappearance of the cheekbone, double chin, eyebrow, and eyelid sagging and wrinkles are the conditions that occur as a result. This situation that cause an older and unhappy look than it is can be reversed with face aesthetic. Traditional facelift techniques include Spider Web aesthetic or Spider Web aesthetic combined with fat transfer.

How permanent is faced aesthetic?

No aesthetic surgery can stop the effects of time and aging. However, the results of facelift may last for years and you can still look beautiful with the new, more contoured and aesthetic face line formed with the facelift even after lines and wrinkles start to form after surgery. The procedure you will determine how long your results will last. Whether it is Spider Web aesthetic, fat transfer or total facelift, results may last ten or more years depending on personal progress.

What is the best mode of anesthesia for me?

A facelift can be conducted under local or general anesthesia. Only our anesthesiologist can decide which one would be right for you.

I saw really awful results of a facelift, how would mine be?

Especially websites love to share such posts and show after images of patients. However do not forget that hundreds of thousands of facelift operations are being conducted each year and majority of the patients gain natural results. In that regard it is crucial that you hand yourself to a good aesthetic surgeon.

What can I do to obtain longer-lasting results?

Again, we would like to highlight that nothing can stop the effects of age and gravity, however, you definitely have many things to do to preserve your skin and your young look. One of the most important things is to avoid sun exposure. You should put on sunscreen, wear sunglasses and hats while you are outside. It is also extremely important that you regularly moisturize your skin, get skincare and keep it clean.

Is facelift a suitable option to tighten and heal sagging skin after weight loss?

A facelift is one of the most appropriate options if you are having problems with your face after major weight loss, similar to other aesthetic applications after other weight loss.

Can I have more than one facelift?

Yes, but do it carefully. While retouch treatments may be helpful, in some cases they may give you an unnatural appearance.

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